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How to maintain a rattan chair?

"Under normal circumstances, rattan furniture can last 15 to 20 years. The modern process of rattan furniture is actually not as "fragile" as commonly believed, "some people think that the northern climate is dry, will affect the service life of rattan furniture, the manufacturers of rattan dry and wet process is now more in place, whether winter and summer or north and south, rattan furniture can be normal Use."
Rattan furniture has a lot of porosity, and therefore many people think that this furniture is more difficult to take care of. According to the introduction, the surface of rattan furniture has a layer of dustproof paint, usually just wipe with a wet rag to keep clean, as for the pores in the dust, you can use a soft brush to clean. After using a period of time, available light salt water wipe furniture, both to decontaminate and to make its flexibility lasting, there is a certain anti-brittle, anti-insect moth role.
Rattan furniture is most afraid of sharp objects, so be careful to avoid choking the furniture with sharp objects such as keys. [1] 
The best way to maintain rattan furniture is to use it often, often using it will not only give the rattan furniture a long-lasting flavor, but also help to maintain the toughness of the rattan. When using and storing rattan furniture, avoid contact with sources of fire and heat, and do not leave it in the sun for long periods of time.