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Acapulco Furniture-Acapulco Chairs

The Acapulco furniture has been a distinguishing element in traditional Mexican design for years, yet it’s still such a close-kept secret that it’s a new concept for many people. The Acapulco furniture has traveled from its Central American roots, all the way around the world and back again.

1. What’s Acapulco furniture?

Acapulco furniture is a unique mid-century modern style that consists of an egg-shaped frame with hand-woven stringed fibers that form the seating foundation. This style has been adapted from its original form to renditions of Acapulco furniture design that are seen in the form of Acapulco dining sets, sofas, chat sets, rocking chairs, leather woven chairs, and even wooden Acapulco chairs.

2. How to Make Acapulco Furniture?

●Acapulco Frames

The frames lay the skeleton of the actual chair. Typically, Acapulco furniture frames are made from either steel or aluminum. Aluminum patio Acapulco furniture is a great option for outdoor seating for various reasons. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to store during the winter months. The downside is that they can be more inclined to bend when large amounts of pressure are applied or when frames are required to be thin as in the case with the Acapulco chair. For this reason, steel frames work better on Acapulco chairs. By no means am I saying that aluminum is an inadequate material. If you’ll notice, the Acapulco chair stands on 3 supporting legs. These legs are thin. To keep the original slim look, sturdy steel frames are used to provide ample support and then powder-coated with rust-resistant materials for all-weather capabilities. The original Acapulco chairs used heavier frames that tended to rust in these coastal climates.

●Hand-Woven DesignBelieve it or not, each Acapulco chair is hand-woven by an individual artisan who has mastered the craft. In this way, each chair is truly unique and personalized to the touch. Any item that is hand-painted or hand-crafted will require a steeper price but the artistic distinctiveness is well worth it. Machines are great but there’s something about human artwork that cannot be duplicated or even replicated. Working with a base frame, an artist wraps the chair row by row using a single piece of cord. Techniques used to weave the cords vary but generally, the artist will tie the starting piece to the frame and stretch the line to the exterior egg-shaped perimeter. From there, the artist will wrap the cord around the exterior frame 3-4 times before bringing the thread back to the center hole of the frame. The number of cycles around the exterior frame will determine the spacing between each line. Smaller spacing will create a more supportive seat while larger spacing is more flexible and more inclined to dipping.

All in all. Acapulco furniture has been adapted to other styles of furnishings, including chairs, baby Acapulco’s, dining tables, chat sets, etc Maybe you’ve some understanding about Acapulco furniture and you may check our web: www.wyhusen.com to look for some outdoor furniture you love. You won’t be disappointed if you get to know it!