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Advantages of Rattan Furniture and Material Classification

Rattan Furniture not only brings coolness in summer but also brings out a natural and quiet style charm for the living room. Whether placed indoors or in gardens, rattan furniture can give people a strong local flavor and a light and elegant taste. It is gradually favored by consumers for its simple and refreshing features.

Rattan Furniture mainly has two types of support materials and woven materials:

① Bracket material: anti-corrosion, anti-moth, anti-crack, and other treatment before use. In addition to bamboo, steel pipes, rattan, wicker, plastic, etc. can also be used to make supports.

②Woven material: Rattan material is mainly used. Rattan can be processed into rattan, rattan core, and rattan bark, and the part used for weaving is rattan bark. Common vines include wide vines, soil vines, and wild vines.

The family members used to weave Rattan Furniture mainly bamboo rattan, white rattan, red rattan, and palm rattan. Bamboo rattan is called agate rattan, and it is also known as the "king of rattans". It is the most expensive top-grade rattan, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Others include kudzu, wisteria, and spatholobus, which are also used to produce rattan furniture, mainly for weaving. The unsheathed cane is called rattan in the rattan furniture industry, which is like bamboo and solid. The rattan skin is generally milky white, milky yellow, or light red, and some rattan skins have speckled patterns on the surface, commonly known as spotted rattan, which has a natural decorative effect. On the cross-section of the rattan, the specific gravity is inconsistent from the outside to the inside, the ratio of the rattan bark is large, and the ratio of the rattan ruler is small. Rattan materials with large changes in specific gravity are poor, and rattan materials with small changes in specific gravity.

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