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Benefits of owning a Fire Pit Table

There's a certain romance to a real wood fire, from the natural look of the flames to the smell of wood smoke in the air, sure, but there are many reasons why many people prefer a mantel table over a fireplace. And backyards.

A mantel looks stunning on a patio, especially when surrounded by decorative (and comfy) chairs. Think of it as decorative furniture for easy entertaining. Because there are so many styles, you can buy a set of chairs that match perfectly.

Most Fire Pit Tables double as small side tables, and some are large enough to enjoy a lunch date without lighting a fire. Many tables have a cover that you can place over the open flame area to create a flush surface.

Fire Pit Tables are most popular in the summer, but we like that they provide heat year-round. Don't hesitate to use it throughout autumn as well as on cold winter nights.

The Fire Pit Table is a true luxury. Instead of chopping and hauling firewood around the yard, you can simply turn a dial and light a blazing fire in seconds.

Like most fireplaces, the Fire Pit Table is ideal for entertaining. Whether you're throwing a party or having fun with friends, a blazing flame provides the right entertainment element for most gatherings. Not to mention, the Fire Pit Table is the ideal companion when you want to enjoy a refreshing drink and a good book without your company.

Unlike wood, propane burns cleaner—you don't have to dodge the fumes or clean up and dispose of the ashes.

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