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Development Trends and Advantages of Hanging Basket

With people in recent years, fashionable leisure hanging chairs have quietly become popular in modern cities. Put the Hanging Basket at home, in the swing, cultivate the child's sense of balance and body awareness, and at the same time, bring a feeling of happiness and complete relaxation. The hand-woven rattan hanging chairs are elegant in shape, unique in style, novel and diverse in style, and strong and durable, including European noble classical style, North American casual romantic style, and oriental simple and solemn style. The style is full of artistic atmosphere and cultural taste, and it also gives people a kind of back-to-basic enjoyment. With the increasing pressure of life and work, people are more and more yearning for a leisurely and comfortable life at home. After a day of hard work outside, they are more eager to return to their safe and comfortable nest to relax.

Hanging Basket belongs to the field of furniture technology. The utility model comprises four pulleys installed on the ceiling in two rows and four suspension ropes respectively wound on the pulleys, the lower ends of the suspension ropes are connected with both sides of the hanging chair, and the pulleys are connected with the rope-winding motor. The backrest of the Hanging Basket is hinged to the base, and the armrests are adjustable to both. When two leisure hanging chairs are arranged relatively parallel, a foldable table can be installed on the hanging chairs for study, dining, entertainment, and rest. The utility model can be folded and retracted and does not occupy space when not in use.

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