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Features of Hanging Basket

A hanging basket is a type of container gardening that is suspended from a structure such as a ceiling or a hook. The features of a hanging basket include:

Container: A hanging basket is a container that is usually made of plastic, clay, or wire. It is designed to hold soil and plants.

Hanging Chain: A hanging basket comes with a chain that is used to suspend it from a ceiling, hook, or bracket.

Drainage Holes: The basket has drainage holes that allow excess water to drain out, preventing the soil from becoming waterlogged.

Liner: A liner is used to prevent the soil from falling out of the basket. It is usually made of coconut fiber, sphagnum moss, or plastic.

Plants: Hanging baskets can be planted with a variety of plants, including flowers, herbs, vegetables, and trailing plants such as ivy.

Watering: Hanging baskets require regular watering, as the plants in the basket may dry out quickly due to the increased exposure to air and sunlight.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is necessary to keep plants healthy and thriving. Slow-release fertilizer is recommended to ensure that the plants get the nutrients they need over an extended period of time.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to keep the plants healthy and to prevent the basket from becoming overcrowded. Deadheading, pruning, and replanting may be necessary to maintain the basket's appearance.

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