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Rattan chair process production

Rattan chairs are made from the stems of the rattan plant, which is a type of climbing palm found in tropical regions. The process of producing rattan chairs involves several steps, which are outlined below:

Harvesting: The first step in the production of rattan chairs is harvesting the rattan stems. The stems are typically harvested by cutting them from the plant using a machete or a similar tool.

Cleaning: After harvesting, the rattan stems are cleaned to remove any dirt, debris, or other impurities. This is usually done by soaking the stems in water and then scrubbing them with a brush.

Splitting: Once the stems are clean, they are split into smaller strands using a special tool called a rattan splitter. This process creates thin, flexible strips of rattan that are used to weave the chair.

Drying: The rattan strips are then dried in the sun or in a special drying room to remove any remaining moisture.

Shaping: After the strips are dry, they are heated to make them more pliable and easier to shape. This is usually done by steaming the strips over boiling water or in a special steam chamber.

Weaving: Once the rattan strips are pliable, they are woven together to create the chair frame. This process can be done by hand or using a machine.

Finishing: After the frame is complete, the rattan chair is sanded, painted, or stained to give it the desired finish.

Assembly: The final step in the production of a rattan chair is assembling the various components, including the frame, seat, and backrest. This is usually done using screws or glue.

Once the rattan chair is fully assembled, it is inspected for quality and then packaged for shipment.

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