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The origin of the Acapulco chair is the development

Acapulco is the name of a coastal tourist resort city in southern Mexico. On a semicircular deep bay, the beach is wide and fine sandy, sunny, and it is a tropical area. It has a blue sky and white clouds all year round, and flowers bloom all year round. , which has been an important port for hundreds of years and has always been the most important resort city in Mexico. As long as international cruise ships pass through Mexico, they must stop here. Coupled with the frequent flights, this place is simply an American world. Around the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood stars and California billionaires regarded this place as their back garden. At that time, when walking on the beach in Acapuco, you could often meet famous stars. The semi-circular beach peninsula here is divided into two parts. The North Bay is a traditional resort and cultural area in Mexico, while the South Bay is a high-rise hotel area. Therefore, in Western popular culture in the 1950s, "Acapulco" has the meaning of modern luxury. Those who have the time and money to vacation in Acapulco are by no means idle.

Most of the current Acapco chairs are not made of the heavy iron frames and hemp ropes of the past but are instead made of light metal frames and vinyl plastic ropes. Because of decades of popularization, this chair is the most common one for outdoor use and can be seen everywhere, especially in tropical coastal tourist areas. Because no one registered the copyright of the original Acapulco chair, many variants emerged later, with pear-shaped, round, and rectangular shapes, and the braided straps also have leather strips, various plastics, and linen. Rope, it is not uncommon to see so many variations in modern design. This chair also gradually has the cultural characteristics of Hollywood's publicity and showing off. The Acapco chair is hardly a characteristic design, as there are so many variants that it is difficult to identify. We generally identify early forms based on photographs from the 1950s, as prototypes.

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