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The placement and meaning of Patio Furniture

The reason why the terraces are beautiful is that their terraces are not delicate. Even in rainy and snowy weather, the furniture can be placed outdoors. With a parasol, you can enjoy a moment of leisure in the rain and snow.

In fact, Patio Furniture can choose anti-corrosion wood, stainless steel, and rattan materials. Not only is it crack-resistant, and durable, but also very beautiful in appearance, making it an ideal Patio Furniture. In addition, with a seat with a storage function, you can directly put the cushion into it, avoiding handling.

The bright fabrics and seats look like blooming flowers. The floor is matched with log and cement tones as if you are in a beautiful secret garden. Choose a corner, make a cup of hot tea, pick up a book, and you can spend a wonderful afternoon.

Surround the open terrace with a guardrail, and then use various small climbing plants, such as climbing roses, to decorate the guardrail to create a natural green partition. It is environmentally friendly and eye-catching, and it can also improve air quality.

You can also plant a circle of towering green plants or trees with rich leaves at the position of the guardrail to create light and shadow effects. The sound of the breeze blowing through the leaves will calm you down.

For the light source setting of the terrace, in addition to lighting on some main roads, some auxiliary reflective light sources are dotted on columns, steps, plants, lawns, etc., which can add a lot of color to the terrace at dusk and night. In addition to some pre-set light sources, there are also some solar outdoor lights that can also be temporarily added.

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