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Ways to Store Rattan Furniture for Winter

Ways to Store Rattan Furniture for Winter
As the winter weather rolls in, many homeowners are trying to figure out the best way to store their outdoor Rattan Furniture. Although most resin wickers are advertised as “all-weather” there is nothing exempt from the forces of Mother Nature. Water and more particularly, snow can lead outdoor Rattan Furniture to deteriorate over time. Raging winds can lift lightweight aluminum frames and rubbing them against surfaces can damage your furniture. To prevent this, you’ll want to ensure you store your Rattan Furniture away this Winter Season. Some tips for you to store rattan furniture for winter.
1. Clean it Before You Put it Away
Make sure you clean your Rattan Furniture before storing it away for the winter. You can follow these instructions to learn how to clean Rattan Furniture properly. This will help preserve the finish and remove any dust or debris that may have settled. This will also keep bugs, spiders, and bees out of your patio furniture so that it looks brand new when Spring and Summer roll around next year. Additionally, it’s essential to remove any cushions from your Rattan Furniture. It’s common to put decorative throw pillows on the cushions; remove those as well. Removing these from the furniture gives you an excellent opportunity to clean them. We have a great post about properly cleaning cushions before. Clean patio cushions can refresh your patio when summer rolls back around.
2. Covering them for the Long Haul
How well you need to store your Rattan Furniture depends on the climate that you live in. You can get away with a few patio furniture covers over the winter. This will prevent them from fading in the sun and keep dirt off them. If you’re in for a harsh winter, your best bet is to store them inside somewhere. You won’t be using them when the weather is bad, you might as well keep them safe. Proper care will lead to your cushions lasting for years.
3. Make Sure the Wind Doesn’t Toss them Around
The weather can get pretty violent and high winds can leave your patio furniture scattered across your entire yard. Talk about a backyard renovation. The best way to prevent this from happening is by storing them in a shed or other area where they are protected. 
4. Storing Outdoor Cushions
Your cushions need to be put away as well but you don’t want to crush them so that they are flattened before next season. You can store them in matching wicker cushion storage boxes to prevent your “storage” area from sticking out like a sore thumb. The idea is to make them become a part of your decor. Cushion storage boxes use a hydraulic life and come in the same high-quality wicker weave as your furniture so it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home rather than taking away from it. If it’s time, you can also order some replacement cushions.
5. Bring it Inside the Home
Some people overlook that Rattan Furniture is versatile and can be used inside the home. Don’t give me that look. Synthetic resin wicker has a contemporary look, and many modular pieces can be rearranged to fit the layout of your home. 
All in all, we have some knowledge of how to store and maintain outdoor furniture on some cold days. As you can see from the previous posts, we’ve got bunches of outdoor furniture that are highly water-repellent and sun-resistant no matter used on sunny days or in any extremely fierce weather conditions. Here are some of our rattan benches, lounge, hanging basket, bistro set of 3 ,etc that you can find on our website:www.wyhusen.com. Hopefully you will get something you love to decorate your life!