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Ways to Transform Patio into a Tranquil Retrea

Whether it's spring, summer, or autumn, your patio is a perfect place to relax, unwind, and entertain your favorite guests. If your patio is in dire need of an upgrade, we’ve got some helpful outdoor furniture ideas to inspire you. Read on for a list of seven ways you can transform your patio and make it a relaxing, tranquil retreat you’ll love. Visit our website:www.wyhusen.com to discover amazing products for your outdoor space and much more.

1. Enjoy Summertime with an Rattan Acapulco Chair

Nothing says summer quite like a comfortable Acapulco chair. These outdoor chairs come in a rainbow of fun colors, and they're perfect for relaxing out by the pool or under a covered patio. You can also add a matching ottoman to kick up your feet in style. Place several Acapulco chairs beside your pool, on the deck, or near a fire pit to create a calming space everyone will love. Look for outdoor chairs made of durable, water and weather-resistant material so you know you’re getting furniture built to last through many seasons to come.

2. Chill Out with a Sectional One

If you need relaxing outdoor furniture ideas, a sectional is an excellent choice. These large sofas can easily accommodate several people, and they're also perfect for afternoon naps outside. When you consider outdoor sectionals, look for a modular design. These sectionals allow you to move pieces around until you find the perfect configuration. You can also separate sections and create a long chaise lounge or remove an end, so it doubles as an ottoman.

3. Gather Around the Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits will extend your hangout time even after the sun goes down. A fire pit is a fabulous feature, and it's perfect for lounging around on chilly evenings. You can serve beverages, gather around with the kids, or just hang out and tell stories with outdoor fire pits to keep you warm. Try a fire pit that uses natural gas or propane so you can easily turn the fire on and off whenever you want. You can even find outdoor fire pits built into tables so you can sit by the fire during meals.

4. Create an Outdoor Dining Space

To create a relaxing retreat, you need furniture that functions. Add one of our outdoor tables and a set of chairs so you have a fabulous place to serve and enjoy meals in your patio area. With these outdoor furniture ideas, the sky is the limit. You can purchase a matching outdoor dining set or mix and match different pieces to create your own look. Dining benches are also great if you have kids and need something casual for mealtimes. A tall pub table and some stools are perfect for adult entertaining and relaxing outdoors.

5. Don’t Forget the Decor

Aside from outdoor furniture ideas, you'll also want to incorporate some decor into this space, too. Hang solar string lights under an umbrella or wrap them around railings to give your patio a warm, inviting illumination at night. Large candle lanterns and solar lighting are other great options to create a festive, relaxing atmosphere. Bring some beautiful potted plants to your patio for a lively touch. Plants have a natural calming effect that will add to the calming vibe. There’s even artwork that can be displayed outside all year round if you want to give your patio a pop of color and personality.

6. Get Comfortable with Cushions

Today's outdoor furniture is designed to bring the comfort of your living room outside. You can make things even cozier by topping chairs, ottomans, benches, and sofas with thick weather-resistant cushions. Make sure your cushions are UV-resistant and won't fade in the sun. A removable cover helps you take them off for easy cleaning and care. Toss a few throw pillows on your outdoor seating to add another layer of comfort. These accessories will definitely ensure that your outdoor space is relaxing and tranquil.

7. Create a Layout with Relaxation in Mind

As you plan your outdoor space, it's important to consider the layout. Group a few seating pieces together around an outdoor coffee table for a nice conversation area. Place a bar and stools under your covered patio or near the pool for a fantastic place to hang out, enjoy a beverage, and relax. No matter what layout you decide on, it's important to put everything together with the goal of relaxing always at the top of your mind.